Multiplier Event in the Kaunas, Lithuania

Today, Asociacija Aktyvistai held their multiplier event for the 3xE project in Kaunas, Lithuania with a group of youth workers from different NGOs and teachers from Kaunas’ schools.

The event was overall very successful and provided them with the opportunity to share the project’s objectives, main activities and primary results, specifically the Methodological Guide and Practical Videos.

Furthermore, the multiplier event included a round table activity during which participants were asked to reflect on what their active role is in creating a more sustainable, fair and environmentally friendly society. Next, they were able to share their thoughts and opinions about the project and its key activities and outputs. Three participants from previous meetings and activities of the 3xE project were present during this part of the event, and shared their personal experiences, including the international study visits held in Malaga, Spain, and Kaunas.

To wrap things up, participants and stakeholders were free to ask questions and clarify any doubts that they had about the project and its impacts.