Multiplier Event in Italy!

Yesterday, Travelogue APS held their multiplier event for the 3xE project, coinciding with the Erasmus Days of 2023. They took advantage of this coincidence to open the multiplier event with a video created for the Erasmus Days by the Italian National Agency and give visibility to the Erasmus+ programme.

Next, the “Entrepreneurial Environmental Education” project, its objectives, main activities and results were presented to the public, with special emphasis on the Methodological Guide and Practical Videos. Young people who took part in the local workshops and the recording of the videos had the chance to share their experiences, the activities carried out with them and to talk about the competences they acquired.

Furthermore, this multiplier event created a space for reflection among the participants on the importance of youth entrepreneurship, environmental protection and the promotion of environmental education in young people. To make this part of the event more dynamic, a few experts on environmental education came to share activities, fun projects and good practices to increase discussion among participants. Following this, everyone was invited to share their own ideas and proposals for future activities to be developed at the local or European level using a collaborative digital platform, Padlet.

To conclude the multiplier event, Travelogue gave away some small gifts that included things like reusable shopping bags with the project and Erasmus+ logo and seed sachets for all participants. Throughout the rest of the afternoon, a few volunteers also carried out video interviews with local citizens in the city centre, asking questions to raise awareness about the Erasmus+ programme, sustainability and environment protection.