Study Visit in Málaga

At the beginning of February, we carried out the study visit in Málaga for the Entrepreneurial Environmental Education (3xE) project with international partners.

During the days they spent with us, we carried out different activities such as visiting the department responsible for Environmental Education at the Málaga City Council, visiting the Botanical Garden of the University of Málaga, and the INCIDE Málaga association.

We have collaborated with different associations to carry out this study visit, and we are very grateful for their collaboration.
This project, coordinated by our organization (Iniciativa Internacional Joven), is co-funded by the European Union 🇪🇺 and involves the participation of the organizations Travelogue APS (Italy), Asociacija Aktyvistai (Lithuania), and TTB Youth Organization (Norway).
3xE is a project aimed at strengthening environmental awareness and promoting sustainability in activities developed by young people to build a more just, healthy, and environmentally respectful society.

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