Multiplier Event in Norway!

This morning, members of TTB Norway held their multiplier event in the Trondheim Science Centre where they presented the 3xE project to a group of local, young people. The event gave TTB Norway the opportunity to share the project’s objectives, showcase the Methodological Guide and the practical videos. Furthermore, they created a dynamic round table discussion featuring participant experiences and expert insights, focusing on individual roles in fostering a fairer, sustainable society.

To conclude the multiplier event, TTB Norway invited their guests to ask questions, make reflections and summarise their key takeaways from the event. During the conclusions, participants provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about the project. They expressed appreciation for the event’s informative nature, highlighting its relevance in promoting environmental education among youth. Furthermore, attendees expressed that the interactive sessions were valuable and that they heightened their awareness on entrepreneurship and sustainability. Many indicated a newfound motivation to actively engage in environmental initiatives, reflecting a strong, positive reception to the project’s concepts and objectives.